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Host your own 

FACETS Retreat



FACETS Retreats create space for intimacy that allows for conversation, personal growth, and professional mentoring relationships to develop. Participation is limited to 40 people, which means that one annual retreat won't accommodate everyone.

To make these opportunities available to more women conductors, we are making Facets retreats a possibility in other parts of the country, so that people can partake in the Facets experience without the expenses of travel and time far away from home.

If you are interested in becoming a Facets host, please contact Alicia Walker at, and put "Hosting Facets" in the subject line. Dr. Walker will be in contact promptly with more information.

5 Things to Know

before hosting a Facets Retreat

FACETS is Trademarked

An access fee and permission are required to use the logo, format, and materials


Dr. Alicia Walker is the facilitator for all leadership sessions and conducting master classes

Retreat Models

Retreat schedules can either be developed by the FACETS leadership team, or can be tailored to include sessions developed by the local host in addition to the traditional FACETS sessions & conducting master classes

Start now

Early planning is essential in the coordination of a Facets event, so reach out to our leadership team today!

Retreat Timing

Each retreat should last 2.5 days (e.g. Friday evening through Sunday morning, or Sunday evening through Tuesday morning)

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