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Theme: Leadership Development

Vision, Strength, & Confidence

July 11-13

Dahlonega, GA

Forrest Hills Mountain Resort

135 Forrest Hills Road, Dahlonega, GA, 30533 

Conference Information
Facets 2021
Theme: Leadership Development
Vision, Strength, & Confidence

This year at FACETS we will sing, conduct, and talk about a variety of topics that are significant to women in the choral conducting profession. Our focus this year will be on considering the impact of having a vision for yourself and your vocation, and how we can cultivate the strength and confidence to make it a reality. Join us as we tell our stories to one another, and learn from each other's experiences and gifts. 

All registration fees detailed below include all meals for the duration of the conference, and accommodations for 2 nights at the Forrest Hills Mountain Resort in Dahlonega, GA.

Registration is available until June 15th with a total cost of $250. Registration is limited to 35 people, so register for your spot today by clicking the "Register Now" button below, or the "Register Now" link in our main menu.

Facets 2021: Leadership Development
Vision, Strength, and Confidence

Schedule of Events & Sessions


July 11

4:00      Registration/Check-in

5:00      Meet & Greet

6:00      Dinner

7:00      Plenary Session: Lessons from the Pandemic- Sharing Our Stories

8:15       Break

8:30      Reading Session- new music for developing voices

9:00      Plenary Session: Visioning: Rebuilding after Covid

10:00    Wine Down


July 12

7:30-9  Breakfast

9:00      Plenary Session: Professional Visioning: Glancing back, Focusing forward

10:15     Break

10:30     Reading Session

11:00     Conducting Workshop: Embodying the Score

12:00     Lunch

1:00      Plenary Session: Personal Visioning: Wellness for the Journey

2:00      Recreational Time at Forrest Hills:

              Pool, Hot Tub, Hiking, Horseback Riding, etc.

5:00      Pre-Dinner Gathering

6:00     Dinner

7:00     Plenary Session: Holistic Visioning: Cultivating Confidence and Strength

8:15      Conducting Workshop: Evolving the Gesture

9:15      Break

9:30      Panel Discussion: Choral Uniforms- What's Next?

10:00    Wine Down


July 13

7:30-9  Breakfast

9:00       Plenary Session: Visioning: Creating a Matrix for Realization

10:00     Reading Session: Tried and True Works

10:45     Closing Conversations: Evaluation

11:00      Adjourn

To View & Download a printable version of the schedule, click the button below.

Also at Facets this Year...

Alicia W. Walker



Includes a variety of voicing and genres


Having a Mentor, and

being a Mentor


Master Classes



Topic to be


the famous "after

hours" social times

(with Fashion Do's

and Don'ts)

"Wine Downs"

as well as opportunities for mentoring and networking

Conference Accommodations

To learn more about the Forrest Hills Mountain Resort and conference center, visit their website at

Accommodation costs are included in the price of registration, so be sure to make your deposit and reserve your room today!

Conference Accommodatios
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